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⛵️ We FINALLY finished this project!! (even with COVID) Ep.247 #covid #covidnewstoday #news

⛵️ We FINALLY finished this project!! (even with COVID) Ep.247 #covid #covidnewstoday #covidtestathome #covidnews

We continue our boat restoration this week.

This is the third video about a time we spent in a marina in Angra, Brazil doing a refit. Check the other 2:

Knot guru channel @Rigging Doctor

The knot we did:

We are Duca and Roberta, a couple trying to find our own path through life. Odd Life Crafting is the connection between all our passions and dreams.

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⛵️ We FINALLY finished this project!! (even with COVID) Ep.247 #covid #covidnewstoday #covidtestathome #covidnews 2022

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  1. Thierry Demil Thierry Demil August 7, 2022


  2. Jerry Smith Jerry Smith August 7, 2022

    I always enjoy watching your videos. Your boat has come a long way from when first it. You mentioned internet, do you use a satellite dish or what for your connection? So do you have any other systems that you intend to install? I would love to have a tour of all your systems on the boat. I have a feeling that you have really brought it up to today’s standards.
    Have fun and be safe. ⛵🤗

  3. Vernon Simmons Vernon Simmons August 7, 2022

    More great effort to a great effect. You two are impressive!

  4. Louis Sparks Louis Sparks August 7, 2022

    You seem to get a lot of work done, even when you have the Wuhan flue.

  5. Norm Ehrenzeller Norm Ehrenzeller August 7, 2022

    You both look pretty good for getting through Covid. Some day you will have the boat exactly the way you want it and that some day will probably never come.
    Duca you must have an engineering background and or training. You explain things well and do the work in a first class manner. Well as you know Sunday is Odd Life Day. Sail on.

  6. trey happner trey happner August 7, 2022

    How long were y’all down with covid. I had it and I was down with a fever for three days. Prayers for a full recovery

  7. Raul Pendas Raul Pendas August 7, 2022

    Hope you guys doing well after Covid-19. With our best wishes, Raul and Joan Bryan Texas

  8. Drago Drago August 7, 2022

    Hola Roberta me alegro mucho que tu y duca estén mejor se lo ve muy cansado a duca pero nunca se da por vencido duca eres el MEJOR

  9. Steven Plancich Steven Plancich August 7, 2022

    Geez…I know it’s easy to say, but Please slow down…Ya got Plenty of Time, but Health is more Limited…Take a Break😎

  10. James Vanian James Vanian August 7, 2022

    Great to see you both working and finishing the final projects. I have watched from the start and it is incredible how things have come together over the years. You must both feel so proud of your achievements. Keep well and safe. James.

  11. Mojo Neko Mojo Neko August 7, 2022

    You adopted the Harley Davidson approach to engineering for repairing your quadrant: “If it breaks make it twice as big”. 🙂 Having done all the work on this boat yourselves means you know this boat better than anyone and won’t be at the mercy of random mechanics in remote locations. It’s best to be able to do as many of the repairs yourself on an adventure like this. Good Luck with the next leg of the journey. Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for the video. Sail On!

  12. Bill23799 Bill23799 August 7, 2022

    Happy to see you are recovering well.

  13. Rigging Doctor Rigging Doctor August 7, 2022

    Thanks for the shoutout!! We’ve loved watching the transformation you’ve done on this gorgeous boat

  14. Cree Grover Cree Grover August 7, 2022

    Sailing Sweet Ruca is in your neighborhood .I would love to see you connect.

  15. Long Rider Long Rider August 7, 2022

    I’m a bit worried about some of these upgrades – maybe it is the Covid but you did not use enough DucaFlex 🤣

  16. hmk. hmk. August 7, 2022

    great video. sorry for covid.
    yardwork + odd life = fun + riveting video.

  17. Robert Bailey Robert Bailey August 7, 2022

    I’ve come back to see how you guys have been and WOW!!! Wonderful job with the boat!! Kind of funny we live on the coast of Maine,USA in a RV 30′ trailer an I find its similar in that there is always something to do lol. Much love from Maine USA 🇺🇸 🤙🤙

  18. Larry Macaluso Larry Macaluso August 7, 2022

    Now you have it Duca, the new structure for the autopilot drive looks very good and bolting it to the structure of the boat is excellent. You are also correct, the shorter the pivot pin is, the less bending moment, this equates to more force that can safely be transmitted to the steering quadrant. Good job building the bow seat. Fair winds and safe travels.

  19. Charley George Charley George August 7, 2022

    When my father and I fitted a boat with 3 outboards, all wires, all tanks, seats, dashboard, everything, we put this sort of sealant onto the all exposed electric connectors. It came in a tall can with its own brush. When it went on it made this great cover that was tinted brownish black and made a killer awesome seal. It would be a good idea to cover all those connections inside you fuse panel and where your Invectron connections and such are.

  20. Brian Beasley Brian Beasley August 7, 2022

    I really love seeing you do all the tweaks to the boat to get it perfect! I really happy to see you using the safety wire on the shackles. Good practice on any screw shackle with rigging of any sort but especially steering gear. I hope that Covid is gone soon! Get well quick!

  21. toddreddington toddreddington August 7, 2022

    Boat projects while your recovering ~ I’m so proud of your success !

  22. Dana Coyle Dana Coyle August 7, 2022

    Brazil is one of the most out control country for covid in the world and I noticed that you didn’t wear a mask very often and you wanted to go out and party and play maybe if you had paid attention to the warnings you would have gotten your vaccinations and it would have helped the severity of the covid. back to the boat you had that quadrant out so many different times for problems it should have been a small job to take it out have it repaired and put it back in even with the upgrade that you have done to it maybe at some point in time you will leave the harbor and actually do some sailing and stop partying and playing for months at a time

  23. Mike The Stand Mike The Stand August 7, 2022

    Really sorry you both have a bad cold.
    Love your work.
    I have a Boeing 737 with a broken autopilot so if you ever need to sell your spare let me know.😉😊

  24. Manolis Gledsodakis Manolis Gledsodakis August 7, 2022

    Duca, a word of advice: the 12 volt converters are not very reliable in my experience. Carry a spare.

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