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Covid optimism #covid #covidnewstoday #news

Covid optimism #covid #covidnewstoday #covidtestathome #covidnews

Right now there is no obvious replacement for the BA.5 variant, that is causing the current wave. This leaves open the real possibility that this could be the last significant wave this year, (or hopefully much longer).

BA.5 85.5%

BA.4 7.7%

BA.4.6 4.1

BA2.12.1 2.6%

BA.2 0.1%

BA.1s 0%

BA. 2.75 not US listed

US hospitalizations

Down 3.8% on the week

Known daily case counts, test positivity, hospitalizations slow downward trend

US deaths

Last 7 days rolling average, 393 per day

Dr. Fauci (81), Re. BA.5

If they don’t get vaccinated or they don’t get boosted, they’re going to get into trouble

Wants to increase vaccination and booster rates, so the virus does not have,

ample opportunity to freely circulate

It is about you as an individual, but it’s also about the communal responsibility to get this outbreak under control

(POTUS, fully vaccinated and double boosted)

Weekly national Influenza and COVID-19 surveillance report

COVID-19 activity decreased

Highest number of respiratory incidents, (mostly SARS-CoV-2) in care homes

Influenza positivity, 0.5%

RSV positivity up to 6.5% overall

RSV positivity in under 5s, 22.2%

Rhinovirus positivity, down to 8.4%

Symptom tracker data

New cases per day, 145,740

Current prevalence, 2,858,159

UK official data

ONS latest

3.86% in England (1 in 25 people)

3.58% in Wales (1 in 30 people)

5.98% in Northern Ireland (1 in 17)

4.95% in Scotland (1 in 20)

Long covid, as of 2 July 2022

1.8 million people, (2.8% of the population)

Of those,

81% experiencing long COVID symptoms at least 12 weeks

43% at least one year


179ng/ml level and the 800ng/ml theshold

Covid optimism #covid #covidnewstoday #covidtestathome #covidnews 2022

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  1. Jabba Dabba Jew Jabba Dabba Jew August 6, 2022

    Fauci had a dream but it’s not quite worked out that way lol.

  2. Rob Mule Rob Mule August 6, 2022

    A question to you and all…If we took a person who was 100% healthy and tested negative for every flu type virus known to man and then isolated the individual indefinitely with a 100% filtered sterilised air supply from all other forms of life, would you expect the person to never ‘catch’ (test positive or experience symptoms) any flu like virus?

  3. Mel Logue Mel Logue August 6, 2022

    What Fauci is saying is ALL because he owns stock in big Pharma!!

  4. Logan's run Logan's run August 6, 2022

    John, ba5 doesn’t require replacement, they have realised only 50% of the population will have another vaccine. So in comes a mutating monkey pox. MRNA VAX ON THE WAY.

  5. Mark Franklin Mark Franklin August 6, 2022

    It’s being replaced by the b(shit),
    a, variant of monkey pox and “climate”.
    Along with the WEF “you will own nothing and be happy” variant.
    Nurse Campbell is “controlled opposition”.

  6. L Henneman L Henneman August 6, 2022

    At least health systems are recognizing there are disabilities from viral diseases. I still have lasting effects from viral encephalitis. They were horrible for about 2-3 years. I did get back to feeling better. But, some are still there.

  7. Brian Pancotto Brian Pancotto August 6, 2022

    the virus reinfects people that are vaccinated like there is no stopping the circulation with what we currently have, these are payed scientists that seem to not understand the reality we are seeing.

  8. szamanistic realistic szamanistic realistic August 6, 2022

    There is no such thing as optimism with SARS, its a virus from bats, it will only get worse. No matter how much you could study it. Learn the basics.

  9. Bryan Bergen Bryan Bergen August 6, 2022

    As with any other theatrical production (government lie)… is made up of various acts and sceans……time to move onto the climate hoax and some WUHAN monkey poxs………..are we still pretending to not see the genocide?

  10. Bonnie Watson Bonnie Watson August 6, 2022

    Fauci got stock in the pharmaceutical companies, of course he wants to boost everything with a pulse!

  11. GB Cookies GB Cookies August 6, 2022

    Without new variants showing up in a large numbers is it likely the expected winter Covid shot will target ba 4 and 5? How long can they wait before production needs to begin to ready for late October or so?

  12. Whiznot Whiznot August 6, 2022

    Fauci is selling, not thinking.

  13. Sabrina Lavdis Arnold Sabrina Lavdis Arnold August 6, 2022

    I got it in May and took a home test. I only took a lab PCR test because I was traveling the next month and knew I needed a documented result for my trip. Felt a bit run down for two days and never once thought about calling my doctor about it, just like any other virus. At 45, my worst illness has still been chickenpox.

  14. Colin Mc Colin Mc August 6, 2022

    Fauci running out of money and needing a Big Pharma share price boost? His credibilty isn’t in danger…he has none.

  15. mgbgt h mgbgt h August 6, 2022

    Erm, how many people is BA 5 killing. This is being milked for all it’s worth.

  16. Falcon77 Falcon77 August 6, 2022

    In my city of 12,000 people, 15,000 people died because 1 person and 2 cats were not masked. Such a shame. Wear your masks people!!!!

  17. MadNomadM MadNomadM August 6, 2022

    Why are the US and UK HIGHEST for “Covid deaths” but one of lowest with cases? Looks like a reporting issue? Are they still reporting any death that has a secondary contributor of Covid?

    Also why do we focus on # infected? Or care? Do we track how many people are infected with anything else?

    Now monkey pox is a national emergency for US? It’s not even a life threatening disease!

  18. Ben Dover Ben Dover August 6, 2022

    If you took vaccination you are the problem

  19. ELEN ELEN August 6, 2022

    Thank you Dr John 🙏🏼

  20. Sam Pal Sam Pal August 6, 2022

    Fauci is NOT saying we can control the pandemic with vaccines (that window closed long ago), he is trying to encourage people to do the work of public health bc politically and economically and from sheer that is literally the only thing he can advocate for. There are groups that can benefit from being up to date and to yes, reduce opportunity for infections and variants. But acknowledge the country he is speaking in- everyone here wants zero precautions, zero acknowledgement there is still a pandemic. Did you watch him have to try to explain things to Rand Paul?? Literally all he has is to encourage people on a personal level to get vaccinated.
    Campbell does not seem to have read any of the data on Omicron that virologists and epidemiologists are putting out there in terms of immunity and virus evolution. He has been prepared to call this pandemic over a few times, out of wishful thinking. I’m not sure why people don’t see that pattern. Oh wait.

  21. Diana Hampton Diana Hampton August 6, 2022

    Thank you so much

  22. Boyd McCollum Boyd McCollum August 6, 2022

    though the irony is, if you test positive for Covid, you actually don’t know which variant you have. The government gets that data by positive tests sent to some state or federal labs, who sample them to see the percentages of different variants. So you hear people with minor Covid, and they may have BA.5, Then hear about people who had a major infection and they think the have BA.5, and say that, but they have an earlier variant. At a public level, we lump everything into one bucket, which isn’t very informative when making policy.

  23. Ben Genovese Ben Genovese August 6, 2022

    What would lead you to believe the virus will stop mutating at Ba5? Other than it hasn’t yet

  24. Johnny Ringo Johnny Ringo August 6, 2022

    Funny how you all seen to have forgotten he was encouraging people to be vaccinated in his earlier videos

  25. ssan3257 ssan3257 August 6, 2022

    Dr Faeces is in it for the money.

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