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Guy Talks About Living in a Dictatorship During COVID #covid #covidnewstoday #news

Guy Talks About Living in a Dictatorship During COVID #covid #covidnewstoday #covidtestathome #covidnews

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A Canadian teenager living with his family in communist china talks about the dystopian surveillance state, and how it got somehow even worse during the COVID-19 Pandemic, during a storytime interview in VRChat.

Guy Talks About Living in a Dictatorship During COVID #covid #covidnewstoday #covidtestathome #covidnews 2022

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  1. trenchcoatbandit trenchcoatbandit August 5, 2022

    the no-no vans lol

  2. omaas omaas August 5, 2022

    Whoa~ you mean trying to have a central government control every organizational facet of society and use massive military force to enforce it, things go wrong? Crazy.
    Unfortunately, if you take away governments, the corporations take over, and that’s definitely bad news

  3. Tim Tarbet Tim Tarbet August 5, 2022

    “Anarcho” Commie doesn’t realize that leftist doctrine always leads to the same place: brutal totalitarianism.

  4. Jakovitch Ind. Jakovitch Ind. August 5, 2022

    I want to submit a story but I’m shit at talking and writing

  5. Lycanthis99 Lycanthis99 August 5, 2022

    Given I try to be apolitical and with how things are currently going in America, combined this guy’s definition of anarchy, I think I’ve realized I lean towards being an inactive anarchist.

  6. Endymion Duni Endymion Duni August 5, 2022

    What he described in the end is pretty much a working form communism, but the only one, since it is contained in smaller groups or communities, where absolute equality has a higher chance to be achieved

  7. Sivistheone Sivistheone August 5, 2022

    8:44 literally just the black car that chases crazy frog around

  8. Omega RBX Omega RBX August 5, 2022

    Banger 🔥

  9. Данила Данила August 5, 2022

    Great video!
    About thing with ritual of screaming cops (lol): that actually cool. I mean, i watch some videos about work in china and that kind of thing in other jobs is existing too. Like in pachinko hall workers group up before opening and every single worker need to act like they care about customer for 15 minute straight. And i understand it has problem that will rewrite your thinking about job or some things about life and actually break down your mind after some years on consistent job and in 35-40 years you go insane after all.
    But think about this – when you visit pachinko halls or meet cop guy they look and talk to you and doing their job like they know what they doing and especially if worker not new it actually looks like this guy or girl is pro and you can trust them. And that cool cause when you trying visit some places or talk to manager of some place in USA or UK or my country it’s fcking luck to meet worker that not talking to you like they got panick attack every time when need to solve some problems about service.

  10. Howdoideletethis Howdoideletethis August 5, 2022

    I feel like people will be mad at you for not bringing in the social credits situation

  11. Brenden Hickman Brenden Hickman August 5, 2022


  12. Christopher Fowler Christopher Fowler August 5, 2022

    lol, leftist “anarchist” is horrified by the endgame of leftism, rants about how they just didn’t do it right without being able to see this is the inevitable result of all leftist revolutions. Brilliant!

  13. SweetRide2010 SweetRide2010 August 5, 2022

    As someone who is upper lib-right it was very interesting to hear about political beliefs I’ve barely (And maybe never) argued with or heard about.


    I watch a lot of laowhy86, serpentza and china insights, theyre really good independant journalists for getting a good idea of whats going on in China

  15. MadMysticMeister MadMysticMeister August 5, 2022

    It’s kind of interesting hearing there points as someone who was an ancap but now mostly libertarian, We see many of the same problems with government but I suppose we have different solutions for it. I pretty much shifted from no government to small and limited…

    Anyway I find the fact that the Bible in China has been edited by the ccp to fit there agenda to be the most egregious example of there totalitarianism, of course outside of the death camps. Also this is a well timed video given the current events with Taiwan.

  16. Marta GirlGamer UwU Marta GirlGamer UwU August 5, 2022

    I have friends in China who are not happy with goverment and would love to leave China, but they never speak about details, now I’m more aware why.

    Btw it’s funny how Chinese gov hates Gennshin Impact, mostly Venti who speaks about freedom, lol

  17. Shadow Darkraven Shadow Darkraven August 5, 2022

    “still technically a minor” he sounds like he’s 50

  18. Chompy Chompy August 5, 2022

    Hearing all these stories I just want to give all them a big hug. My only “threat” to you Sir is me and my arms giving you a giant vr hug

  19. Ordinary Knife Ordinary Knife August 5, 2022

    “I’m still technically a minor”
    He has the voice of a 40 year-old holy crap

  20. AutisticTurtle AutisticTurtle August 5, 2022

    As a Right Christian, I was just confused by this. The “left” he was talking about seems very different from modern left that is generally socialist. Almost like a 3rd direction. It seems to me to just be the Ancient Greek model modernized. I am genuinely curious and would like to hear some beliefs as I find it interesting. Please comment a summary if you understood this better than my simple Greek version.

  21. Wolf Moonens Wolf Moonens August 5, 2022

    the bread book

  22. Dr. Nope Dr. Nope August 5, 2022

    I actually kinda appreciated the political chat near the end. It kinda gave me the reassurance that not all leftism is exactly the same and that there’s some common ground to be had with some people, especially in the way of anti-authoritarianism. Myself personally, my beliefs are a blend of classical American liberalism/libertarianism, slight Trumpian Conservatism, with a bit of minarchist/anarchist beliefs tossed in the pot for good measure. I go back and forth on Ancap stuff cause I’m REALLY anti-corporations. Klaus Schwab and the WEF can suck it! Lmfao

  23. Skyrevan Valor Skyrevan Valor August 5, 2022

    Yo this is real interesting my city is one of the twin cities of Shanghai I think it’s trade relations or something but yeah most people don’t realise what goes on with the Chinese government, my friends farther told me about the things they do to Muslims it’s terrible and really messed up.

  24. Texo_McKevo Texo_McKevo August 5, 2022

    I honestly will say be open minded, listen, understand and respect the persons belief, and say what other reasons.

    I was younger and never listened and get upset, now I honestly don’t care I listen and say what I believe and debate and not scream at each other.

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